The first edition of the Williton Window was produced in July 2000, to replace the former church newsletter. It was the brainchild of Jane Ninis, who wanted a magazine that would be more ambitious than the usual parish magazine: that would have a wider appeal and be for the whole village, helping Williton to become truly community minded. Right from the start she was adamant that the Window should be free and be delivered to every house in the village.

The only way it could be free was if it was run by volunteers and paid for by advertising. The St Peter’s Church Council set up a small publicity group, which included support from the Methodist, Roman Catholic and Baptist Churches, to oversee the running of the magazine. Volunteers foot-slogged around local businesses and, by the time the first edition was published, there were an amazing 64 advertisers.

Distribution also had to organised, this by Phyllis Chidgey, who still contributes to the magazine 20 years later. As the village has grown, so has the distribution team, rising from 32 originally to the current 40 volunteers, delivering to over 1500 households within Williton Parish. Gary Dyer and Tony Guest managed the advertising and financial aspects.

In the first edition, Jane wrote: “Our hopes for it from the St Peter’s Church Council and the Publicity Group are that it will be a lively, interesting magazine which you will want to read and then keep handy so that you can refer to it during the month.”

Sadly, Jane Ninis passed away in 2004, but she would doubtless be proud to know that the Williton Window continues to thrive and celebrated its 200th edition in February 2017.

Jenny Gibson took over as editor in 2006 and has just retired from the jobafter 14 years . In August 2020, Derek Smith is the new editor, ably helped by Janet Cook, who has taken over Tony Guest's role, and Neill Ambridge and Andrew Berry, who are in charge of distribution. Peter Payne is treasurer of the St Peter's PCC and the Williton Window, having replaced Gary Dyer.